Strong rains see four dead in the Costa Tropical


THE death toll after the strong rains registered on Monday (September 7) in the Costa Tropical has reached four victims.

The fourth victim was found yesterday (September 9) at around 10am in the La Rijana beach in Castell de Ferro by members the Civil Protection volunteer team.

Three of the victims were of Lithuanian origin, with ages ranging between 41 and 63 years. According to the police, they were living inside a water pipe next to the Albuñol greenhouses area, which was completely flooded during the rains. The three people were caught by surprise when the river overflowed and their bodies were dragged for a number of kilometres before they died.


“A woman was also living inside the same pipe, but she was able to save her life as she had exited the pipe a few moments before the rains started to buy food,” said the Albuñol mayor.

The other victim was a 61-year-old man who worked as a guard and died after taking shelter inside his car which was dragged by the water stream and flooded.



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