On trial for stealing from elderly woman


A WOMAN is on trial in Palma Provincial Court for allegedly stealing €117,000 from the woman she cared for.

According to the Public Prosecution, between 2009 and 2013 she accompanied the elderly woman, who had been diagnosed with a progressive and irreversible form of dementia, to banks where she had accounts and made her withdraw different amounts of money. The money was not needed or used for the woman’s care and amounted to €55,658. She also got the woman to make her the beneficiary of a life insurance worth €10,100 and kept up to €61,640 in cash paid to the woman for the rental of several properties she owned and which the accused “collected” for her.

She is facing four and a half years in prison, a fine of €3,000 and being made to return the amount she stole, if found guilty of misappropriation.

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