Homeless man dies fighting over a bench

Living on the streets has its dangers

LAST Tuesday night, September 1, a fight that ended the life of a 60-year-old man took place in Parc de ses Estacions. A 27-year-old German woman has been arrested as the suspected culprit.

The man and woman were homeless and both slept on the park’s bench. It is reported that they got into an argument and began to hit each other. The man, Miguel SJ, fell and hit his head while the woman, Jacqueline Maria J, continued hitting him.

As soon as the emergency services were called, an ambulance was sent but could only certify the man’s death at the scene.

The National Police has taken charge of the investigation. The woman has been transferred from the police station to the Son Espases Hospital so that the minor injuries she sustained can be treated.

The post-mortem examination is being carried out at Palma Legal Medicine Institute. It will clarify if the event was involuntary manslaughter or intentional murder, as the victim could have died from the beating received or from a physical reaction triggered by the fight.


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