Family rescued from strong current in Cullera


A restaurant employee and two of its customers rescued a family after they were swept out to sea by strong currents off the beach in Cullera.

The two children, aged five and 16, their mother, father and grandfather who is in his 70s, were swimming off the Playa Marenyet beach at approximately 4pm on September 1, when they got into trouble.

Two customers at a beach-front restaurant spotted the family in distress and immediately grabbed the sea rescue floatation devices that are located at the beach, and along with an employee of the restaurant went to the family’s aid.

The owners of the restaurant explained that the sea was very choppy that day with quite a swell, and that the conditions were not really suitable for swimming, adding that these types of conditions often trigger strong currents and that in reality it was the family’s own recklessness that caused the incident.


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