Animal activist arrested at ‘correbou’

Flickr by calafellvalo

AN animal activist was arrested by Guardia Civil at a bull-running event (correbou) in Fornalutx.

A group of 23 activists strapped themselves to each other in the town’s main street shortly after the event began, just 200 metres away from the starting point.

They had announced on social networking sites that they aimed to stop the town’s main event of the year from taking place, and sat in the street shouting that “torture isn’t culture” amongst other slogans.

Around 20 Guardia Civil officers in riot gear were brought in to remove them, requiring tools to cut the plastic straps they had used. The group became violent and one woman was arrested for allegedly attacking an officer.

The group of bull-runners had to stop and there were altercations between the two groups which led Guardia Civil to create a barrier to prevent attacks.

Once the last activist was removed from the street, the run continued while a group of around 15 people was kept under control by Guardia Civil who could do nothing to stop insults going back and forth. Once it was over, runners approached the area where the group had been kept and Guardia Civil had to escort the activists to their cars so they could leave the town.


  1. Thanks to these activists the whole animal cruelty is on the map again. Everybody ( with normal brains) understands the cruelty to animals has to stop!


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