Exclusive technology now for everyone


THIS technology once exclusively available for elite athletes, is coming now to the rest of the population who cannot or do not want to train the traditional way.

The BodyOn centres put the technology EMS 3.0 to the service of all those who want to improve their health and physical condition, through a personalised training under the supervision of physiotherapists, highly qualified personal trainers, using a precise diagnose of our clients’ needs, and the last techniques in diagnosing and prevention, through last generation genetic studies.

In the BodyOn centres, we work with the most advanced German electro stimulation techniques the EMS 3.0 and the only one which counts with a sanitary certificate. This technology uses two different kinds of stimulation current, the EMS and the EMA.

The EMS is carried out through a console which allows the personal trainer to control each muscle group independently during training, activating a bigger or lower number of fibres and adjusting the intensity according to the characteristics and personal goals of the user.

This way we can carry out different kinds of training such as toning, cardiovascular, sport, toxin elimination, anti-cellulite or relaxation and achieve specific effects and visible results in a little time, avoiding the undesirable side effects such as lesions and contractures.

EMS means electro stimulation while EMA means muscle electricity activation. Basically both systems produce the muscle contraction via electric current. The EMS (also known as low frequency current) stimulates the motor nerves causing muscle contraction.

The EMA uses a medium frequency of great quality which reactivates the muscle cells without stimulating the nerves causing, cell reactivation and a profound volume effect.

To sum up, the EMA is an EMS 3.0 training: great efficiency, volume-effect and cell reactivation. This is why, the BodyOn treatment aims at activating instead of stimulating. This kind of current leaves cells in a state similar to that previous to cell division, improving metabolism.


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