Warning signs do not deter adventure-seeking tourists at the Ambolo beach

CLOSED: Public at the Ambolo beach refuse to take no for an answer.

PLAYA AMBOLO in Javea was officially closed in 2006 due to falling rocks and unstable cliffs.

However the rocky, littleknown beach that is not signposted and does not appear in any guidebook still attracts hundreds of visitors each summer. Most are drawn by the remoteness and wildness of the location and perhaps even the excitement of discovering it too.

Eager adventure-seeking visitors are not put off by the halfhour walk to the beach or the more difficult walk back up. The warning signs do not seem to deter them; on the contrary, tourists and locals alike are avoiding the crowded main beaches. Instead they are seeking out these forbidden, idyllic coastal coves for their wild and natural beauty.

Ambolo is understandably not without its dangers and there have been a number of rescues made there this summer. Nevertheless, it is becoming attractive to hike to the cove and, if need be, to cliffjump into the sea.



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