Mallorca opens door to refugees


POLITICAL party Mes per Mallorca has offered to take in refugees in the towns where it is in power.

Mes per Mallorca will suggest that Inca Town Hall accepts refugees from Syria or from other countries in crisis, according to how many can be placed. Calvia, Andratx and other towns also plan to join the motion.

The party has criticised Spain’s “lack of interest in providing an answer to the humanitarian emergency.”

Som Palma and Podem Palma have also suggested that Palma become a city open to Syrian refugees heading to Europe, and have criticised the European Union’s handling of the current migrant crisis.


  1. It is impossible to move all Africa to Europe!
    There must be another way (political and economical) to be found.
    If no, very very soon we all one day will find ourselves living not in Europe but in Africa. The population, values. Culture, habits will be substituted. There will be NO Europe anymore. Europe in its cultural sense is dying.

  2. Ignorant comment. I hope one day when y when you need someone to help you and/or your children, that nobody opens their doors for you or they’ll be accused of gaining some political power

  3. The only way to solve this issue is for the United Nations to get off its fat backside and begin an international military effort to wipe out these terrorists like Islamic State, Boko Haram and al Quada.
    In the meantime, we should all help genuine refugees from Syria and Iraq, but the trouble is, very many are economic refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh among other places.

  4. Fiz, I think you need to look beyond the issue and stop reacting to the problem without thinking as your comment would suggest. European countries cannot let these people in without expecting some major issues in the future, it is what is called common sense. Most EU countries cannot afford to function properly as it is, NHS is having problems in many countries and cannot cope as things already are, policing is a joke in a lot of EU countries, unemployment is high or very high in many EU countries as it is, will letting more people in to the system help any of these issues?

    Many countries are helping financially but European countries cannot be the fix to the rest of the worlds issues. It just doesn’t make sense trying to fill a paper bag with leaking water…

    BTW, the reason your comment might actually be the case one day is because the UK appears to no longer help their citizens as it seems they already give everything to people from other countries, if they did their duty and actually looked after their own citizens and country then the person you refer to should never actually need the help he wouldn’t otherwise not be able to get… just think about that!


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