‘Contaminated’ water to be added to the Velez-Malaga supply

A water stream.

CONCERN has been sparked amongst members of IU for changes about to be made to the Velez-Malaga water supply service.

Left-wing party Izquierda Unida at the Velez-Malaga Council is to present before a judge a series of documents regarding works requested by former Mayor Francisco Delgado Bonilla to the municipal water company Aqualia, which were to cost as much as €1 million and were signed only three days before he left the position. According to this party, the works were not at all necessary and potentially dangerous.

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Works included in the documents intended to include water from the Molino de las Monjas reservoirs in the common supply. These waters are known to be contaminated by nitrates, according to IU, and it would only make sense to add them to the supply if the town was going through a water scarcity situation.

“The water coming from this natural stream was left unused due to its high level in nitrates, once we were granted access to the water reservoir of La Viñuela,” read the IU statement, which continued: “Currently, its use for human consumption would only be possible if it’s mixed in a percentage not higher than 50 per cent with the water coming from La Viñuela.”

“Without any scarcity at the reservoir, water which was rejected at some point for human consumption for its level of contamination is to be added to the drinking supply of Velez-Malaga,” said Head of the IU, Miguel Angel Sanchez, showing his concern.


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