Stop smoking the stressless way

AFTER 30 MINUTES: Your life will have turned round

FORGET waiting for that New Year’s resolution and resolve to quit smoking now, and quit for good.

Many people find it difficult to break the habit but with fast track hypnosis there is no difficulty at all, it is quick and simple. In less than 30 minutes you can change your life. You can be freed from your habit and in a pain-free, craving-free and easy way! You will be free from the drug and all because your mind will be reprogrammed during the session.

Fast track hypnosis takes the bad influences that have taken root in your mind and implants the positive over them.


It transforms your way of thinking as well as enabling you to relax and take a breather from your busy life. In the 30 minute session, you can change your life and make it healthier. You’ll be free of the cravings, free from the health risks, free from the danger to your family and free to spend your hard-earned cash on anything you want but cigarettes!

If you want to stop cigarette smoking from becoming part and parcel of your day, to break the bad habit and become free to take hold of your own life then call hypnotherapist Jonathan Gilchrist now: “Fast track hypnosis is a safe, yet powerful way to remove nicotine addiction from your life quickly and efficiently. Once you’ve made the decision to call me and you attend the appointment, 30 minutes later, your life will have been turned on its head. “So, why not make that choice now and let yourself be healthy!”

Jonathan holds clinics in Cabo Roig, Quesada and Benidorm. For an appointment, brochure, or free of charge initial consultation, contact Jonathan now.

Jonathan Gilchrist
Tel: 691 784 954



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