Free flower pots to improve Almeria City’s image

© Flickr by YoungDoo M. Carey.

ALMERIA City Council plans to give free ceramic and weathering steel flower pots to residents of the city’s Old Town.

Following the example of other cities, the aim is to aid locals to embellish the area, and if it is successful, it will be extended to other parts of the city. 

The plan was put in place during the former term of office after consultation with local residents. As plants are living things which require care, residents had to commit to caring for them. 


Some €23,000 will be used to provide flower pots for the area’s balconies and windows. It will be launched shortly in hopes of making the area more attractive to visitors. 

Sixty pots will be distributed initially, in different formats and materials including terracotta and weathering steel. Where they are placed will be decided by the council, although residents will be in charge of looking after the plants. 

This is part of larger plans to improve the historical centre of the town by repairing pavements and streets, flowerbeds and other areas. 


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