Cambridge FX phones now fixed

CAMBRIDGE OFFICE: People visited in person.

CUSTOMERS calling Cambridge FX recently may have had some trouble getting through. The good news is that the telephone gremlins have been finally put to rest and phones are now working.

The problem occurred when Spanish telephone company Telefonica installed some analogue telephone lines and phones. However, the lines were then switched to digital lines, so the phones did not work.

Regional Sales Manager Chris Wakeling had to stump up the cash for a new switchboard which took Telefonica another two weeks to connect and get the phones working.

Now that all is well on the telecommunications front, Chris would like to express his thanks for all those calling that did not give up in despair but emailed or visited the office in person to let the company know about the problem.

In fact, out of gratitude for their perseverance, he is generously offering them vouchers for a meal for two (including drinks) which can be used any time and can be collected directly from the office.


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