Airport roundabout art to reflect Almeria’s best side

Flickr, rafagarzon

THE Almeria Council is about to take on a creative project to beautify a roundabout on the way into the city, and surprise visitors and locals alike while at it.

The large roundabout in the area of the airport is to be home to new sculpture depicting the city’s most unique buildings, the Alcazaba, the Almeria Cathedral, the old train station, the Las Salinas church and the Cargadero del Mineral.

The design aims at reflecting the urban skyline, displaying the most attractive, recognisable silhouettes of the city.


The 138-metre roundabout is one of the biggest ones in the province’s capital and this project has been presented by Councillor Juan Jose Alonso. Mayor of Almeria, Luis Rogelio Rodriguez, has already given the green light to this initiative.



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