Estepona plans new river park

PLANS: The vision for the new river park.

ESTEPONA Council is currently drafting a project to create a new river park in the city. Member of the local government believe the construction of this park will inject some vitality into the town.

This new space would work as a complement to the two main facilities in the surroundings: the Fairgrounds and the city’s Sports Centre and Auditorium Felipe VI. This new park will offer residents the opportunity to try out walking routes, cycling, and practise sports such as canoeing.

Town mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, has explained that the project will be divided in three different stages. The first stage will cover the river’s construction. After that, the paths on both sides of the river will follow. This first stretch will cover 12,000 square metres. To ensure there are no flooding problems because of an excess of river flow, the materials used will be sturdy to support the water strength.


The second stage consists of building the actual water channels, which are expected to be 250 metres long and be used for water sports. It will be followed by the construction of walking and cycling paths on both sides of the canoeing channel, where trees will be planted. Cleaning of the river water will be done as well.

The third stage plans the construction of a raised walking and cycling path to connect the new park to the fairgrounds and the sports centre. The path will be three metres wide and 200 metres long, put up on metal pillars and covered with different coloured cladding. This cladding will not totally cover the path to leave some spaces for a view of the landscape. 



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