Malaga petrol station sells diesel at less than €1 a litre for first time in five years


A MALAGA Province petrol station has brought the cost of diesel below €1 per litre for the first time in five years.

On Tuesday (August 25), the El Fuerte petrol station in the estate of the same name in Ronda, was selling diesel at €0.995 per litre, and it’s now hoped other petrol stations in the province will follow suit.

The head of the Agla El Fuerte station, Ana Duran, told newspaper Diario Sur that the low price would “continue as long as possible.”

“It was made possible by market developments, but also by effort on our part, we’ve done this to attract more customers.”

The effort had indeed been fruitful, she said, with the number of customers served on Tuesday “higher than normal.”


  1. A barrel of oil has been at its cheapest for 9 years so all service stations should be selling at well under a Euro a litre, 7 to 8 years ago it was at about 86 cents a litre if I remember correctly!


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