19 people affected in chemical leak at Scottish leisure centre

© Credit kay roxby / shutterstock
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service appliances.

A CHEMICAL leak has caused breathing problems for 19 people at East Sands Leisure Centre in St Andrews, Fife.

The leak was discovered at about 1pm on Tuesday (August 25).  A number of ambulances were called and the centre was soon evacuated, with 17 visitors and two members of staff being given treatment for breathing problems.

Specialists wearing protective suits were sent to the scene and eyewitnesses reported that they had seen men in “big green bio suits” enter the building as people were brought outside, still in their swimwear.

A Fife Sports and Leisure Trust spokesperson said: “The exact cause of the incident is still being investigated and there is no threat to the surrounding area.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service sent 13 appliances to attend the scene, which included five with pumps, a control unit, an emergency support unit and a hazardous materials appliance.


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