The English Spy


By Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon, an art expert and spy – with a bit of assassin thrown in for good measure – returns for a new adventure.

When an iconic member of the British Royal family, who is loved for her beautiful looks and charitable works, but is resented by her ex-husband and his mother, is killed when her yacht is bombed, only one man can track down her killer, Gabriel Allon.

The bombing seems to be the work of old IRA bombmaker Eamon Quinn, who sells his services to the highest bidder. He is also the man who is blamed for the death of Allon’s son. From here the story thickens alarmingly fast, moving from the glamorous island of Saint Barthelemy to the mean streets of West Belfast to a cottage on the cliff tops of Cornwall.

The story brings in old grudges, new threats and breathtaking twists that will hold readers spellbound from its first few pages to its heartstopping conclusion.

A spy novel from one of the best.


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