Father of modern Gibraltar honoured with new £100 bank note

TRIBUTE: Chief Minister announces £100 bank note.

GIBRALTAR Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced that a new £100 bank note would be put into circulation on Friday August 21, the centenary of the birth of Sir Joshua Hassan.
Nicknamed ‘Salvador’ (Saviour), Sir Joshua was chief minister for a total of 22 years and is credited as being the most important architect of Gibraltar’s move towards self-determination.
The design of this, the first £100 note ever to be made from a polymer material, carries a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on one side and an image of Sir Joshua on the other. Whilst it may not see a great deal of use in circulation, there is no doubt that it will be sought after both within Gibraltar and by collectors worldwide.
The Chief Minister also announced that the government has commissioned the production of a life sized statue of Sir Joshua by way of further tribute.


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