Motril looks to eliminate €51m debt

Flickr, Andre Skibinski

WITH the arrival of the new governing team to Motril, it is time to take the calculators out and evaluate what the former group in charge of the town hall has left them to work with.
Head of the Council’s Finances Department, Francisco Sanchez-Cantalejo announced after carrying out a comprehensive analysis that the debt currently sits at €51 million, out of which €10.5 million corresponds to money owed to providers.
“Our priority will not be paying the financial debt to banks, but paying the business owners of Motril who have provided services and products as this debt could greatly damage them,” said the councillor, who added that some of these debts were contracted years ago.
Sanchez-Cantalejo announced that a new plan is to be set in motion to eliminate the provider’s debt and said the new budget for the year 2016 is to be prepared by next autumn, prioritising the adjustment of taxes so that “those who have more, pay more.”


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