Mallorca to Ibiza on water-skis

NON-STOP: Ricardo Garcia Castro felt very pleased upon his

SPORTSMAN Ricardo Garcia Castro waterskied non-stop from Magaluf to Santa Eulalia in Ibiza.

Despite winds, rain and large waves, he made it across the approximately 60 nautical miles in just over three hours.

Ricardo was very nervous before he set out and had been unable to sleep the night before, but upon arrival he said he felt very pleased.

He was accompanied by two crafts, one which pulled him along, requiring a steady speed and extreme concentration from the captain, especially in adverse weather conditions, and the other, a support craft to provide water and provisions to keep him hydrated and with adequate sugar levels.

It is not the first time Ricardo has performed such a feat. In 2005 he travelled on water-skis between the seven Canary Islands, travelling 187.8 nautical miles; in 2007 he circumnavigated La Palma non-stop, travelling 72 nautical miles, and in 2008 he travelled 242 nautical miles between Lanzarote and La Palma stopping only once in Tenerife.

Three years ago he was involved in a serious accident when travelling on his motorbike on a toll road in the USA and was almost killed. Following a long and painful recovery, he dedicated his latest exploit to people who have been in similar situations to prove that with a strong will anyone can reach their lifelong goals.


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