Convicted killer detained only two months after release from jail

Armed robbery nets euros

A 48-YEAR-OLD man who served a 20-year sentence for killing a person during a bank robbery in Marbella has now been arrested on suspicion of another armed bank robbery, this time in the province of Granada.

Only released from prison at the end of May this year, the man moved to Pinos Puente and it is alleged that he entered a bank in the town on August 13 and brandishing a gun demanded that the cashier place money into a plastic bag. He then left with €2,000.

Thanks to CCTV in the bank and despite the fact that he was wearing a cap and dark glasses, the Guardia Civil believed that they had made a positive identification of him. Due to the fact that the man had only recently moved to Pinos Puente, it was difficult to track him down, but by placing a number of officers in the area, they were finally able to spot and detain him after just a few days.



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