Controversy over how safe e-cigarettes may be

© Gianluca Rasile/Shutterstock
Tobacco v E-cigarettes.

ACCORDING to a new report produced for Public Health England, e-cigarettes have been declared 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes made from tobacco and could be considered for prescription by the NHS at some time in the future, if this helps smokers to stop.

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly more popular with over two million users in the UK, generating good profits for manufacturers but the British Medical Association has expressed doubts.

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Although this report indicates that there is no evidence that ´vaping´ encourages children to take up smoking, the Welsh Government has already announced that it intends to ban e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces.

Whilst they are not completely risk free, it does appear at the moment that e-cigarettes are at least less harmful than tobacco.


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