Animal rights’ activist hit with a duck


EVERY year, the town of Rosas, Gerona (Catalonia), celebrates its summer festivities called ‘Lempaitada danecs’, when dozens of ducks are released into the water and participants attempt to catch them.

The event, which has been a tradition together with other activities for 90 years, has on several occasions resulted in complaints from animal rights’ associations, who claim the chase causes anxiety, fear and stress to the birds.

This year a YouTube video has worsened things even more as it appears to show a woman hitting an activist, who was filming the scene, with a duck she had previously caught.


It has caused outrage and a petition on has been created to prohibit this festivity, and it has already gathered almost 10,000 signatures.

The petition can be found here.



  1. This is silly. One person makes a poor choice (probably out of anger, embarrassment and frustration) and everyone participating in a tradition that they have known their whole lives has to suffer for it. I hope this petition gets thrown out. Entitlement is ruining our society these days :/


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