Almost 5 million expected to hit the roads in Spain

© By José Luis Gálvez, Wikimedia Commons

ALMOST five million drivers are expected to take to the roads in Spain this weekend as the traffic authorities increase surveillance to keep them as safe as possible.

Due to the number of towns and villages holding their annual fairs, the DGT traffic department has predicted 4.8 million trips between 3pm on Friday (August 14) and Sunday night (August 16) and will be putting 10,000 Guardia Civil officers on duty to supervise.

The main bulk of vehicles are expected to be leaving the big cities and heading for coastal and rural areas, with roads in Madrid, Barcelona, Castilla La-Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia regions expected to be the busiest.

Approximately 25,000 tests for alcohol and drugs will be carried out country-wide at any time of day on all types of road, and the authorities have reminded drivers not to drink alcohol or take drugs before getting behind the wheel and passengers to ensure their driver is fit to do so.


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