Rincon de la Victoria joins ranks of towns halting repossessions

© Flickr by Lynn Friedman.

NO more evictions are to take place in Rincon de la Victoria as the local government lays the foundation for a new measure. 

The local government team made up by PSOE socialist party, independent party Ahora Rincon, left-wing party Izquierda Unida (IU) and Partido Andalucista (PA) have taken the first steps to declare Rincon de la Victoria as an ‘eviction-free town’, and thus satisfy this commitment proposed before the May elections. 

Similar steps were also recently taken in Motril. The first measure was launched recently, with the creation of a municipal bank account with the only banking institution in Spain that has not carried out repossessions during the years of financial crisis, the Sabadell Atlantico. 


“This is a gesture aimed at reducing the great number of repossessions and evictions registered until now, and guaranteeing the right to have a home, as established in the Human Rights Declaration,” said head of the Finance Department, Antonio Moreno. 

“Our main priority is to paralyse the repossession processes that are taking place currently in our town and we are currently drafting a motion to be put forward in September which will declare our town as an eviction-free municipality,” said Mayor Encarnacion Anaya. 

According to the data collected by the Social Services Department, since 2006 a total of 72 evictions have taken place in Rincon de la Victoria. 


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