Town of Coria faces €30,000 fine over bull’s ‘execution’

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A SPANISH town faces a €30,000 fine after a bull was ‘executed’ by shotgun in the street. The bull had gored a man to death the previous day. Guardia Civil have been investigating the killing, which took place surrounded by crowds in Coria, Extremadura, after the animal had gored a spectator, Martin Caballero, during the local bull running festival in June. 

The 43-year-old father of one was part of a crowd who had rushed forward to taunt the bull, known as Guapeton, before retreating behind bars. But the bull responds, and he gores Caballero through the bars. The man was taken to hospital with a huge wound in his stomach and head injuries, but medical staff were unable to save his life.

Townspeople took their revenge next day, and a video on youtube shows Guapeton surrounded by a crowd as a man raises a shotgun, fires, and the bull falls to the ground.

The animal rights organisation Partido Animalista filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil, meaning the town could now have to pay a €30,000 fine for allowing the execution to happen. 

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  1. I have lived here for many years and I still don’t know if the southern Spanish character reflects a lack of intelligence or if it is just ignorance.
    I hope that not only the town hall get pulled up by the police on this but the man who shot the bull. I really love this country but things like this make me hate it at times, not only the shooting of the bull but the way many of the people think… or rather don’t seem to, there seems to be a total lack of understanding in right from wrong in many of the Andalucian peoples thinking when the use of just a little bit of common sense would give a very clear answer!


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