Anger over €21,000 spent from youth budget on San Fulgencio concert

Rock Arena concert.

THE PIPN (Partido Independiente Por Las Nacionalidades) in San Fulgencio has expressed dissatisfaction at the allocation of funds for youth.

It was reported at the recent plenary council meeting that Mayor Carlos Ramírez had said in the budget for 2015 that €25,000 was allocated for the Department of Youth. Of this, €21,000 was for the Rock Arena concert, leaving the remaining €4,000 for actual youth services.

President of PIPN and former councillor for the Urbanisations, Jeff Wiszniewski, said: “We think the youth of San Fulgencio deserve much more. In an internal government meeting it was agreed to pay a professional event organiser to arrange the August fiesta on Urbanisation Marina. In these internal government meetings, there is no representation from the urbanisations.”


  1. Why don’t they mention that they voted in favour of Rock Arena in the four editions? Also they should know (as they were part of the government team) most of the things made for youth are paid with subsidy from “diputación de Alicante”, so the budget is not only 4000€… They voted yes to the “presupuestos” when they where part of it last year, but now they change their minds. Strange thing…


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