Cataluña elections set for September

© Rastrojo (D•ES)
Cataluña President Artur Mas.

REGIONAL elections for Cataluña have been called for September 27. Cataluña President Artur Mas signed a decree on Monday August 3 declaring elections which are expected to become an unofficial proxy vote for independence, given that Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has outlawed any official referendum on the matter.

Mr Mas has said that if pro-independence parties win a majority, they will work together with the aim of splitting from Spain within the next 18 months, and has said that they will not be normal elections politically but rather a vote “on Catalan freedom and sovereignty.”

In addition, the Catalan government has made preparations for a future Catalan state by putting mechanisms in place that will enable state institutions to be launched if there is a majority pro-independence vote. 

In November 2014, the region held an unofficial referendum which went ahead despite it being declared illegal by the Spanish courts and Artur Mas is currently facing criminal charges for organising them.


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