Alicante charity project to create employment for women over 45


THE ‘Women to Women’ project in Alicante aims to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment among women over the age of 45; one of the sectors hardest hit by the economic crisis. 

The initiative is part of the Pilar Mateo Foundation which hopes to create a network of entrepreneurs by providing free training, counselling and monitoring and assistance for women who, in spite of wanting to start a business, have not had the opportunity to do so by labour or social exclusion.

The social project has been driven by Pilar Mateo and managed by her daughter Jessica Lopez. In the short term they plan to create 75 jobs in Valencia Region; 50 of them in Alicante, with the aim of expanding that to 150.


Long-term plans include expanding the model to other regions and even countries, with the aim of creating an international network of entrepreneurs and already they have received requests from countries like Panama, Nigeria, Colombia and Dominican Republic who want to know more and have the possibility of launching the project there also.

The project will provide technological support and raw materials for business, such as health and beauty products from an own-brand, marketed in an exclusive area for each entrepreneur in order not to set them up in competition with one another.  

Women who are interested in participating can obtain further information and fill out the registration form via the website or call 667 292 968. 

The only requirements to enter this project are that you are a woman and aged over 45 and have entrepreneurial spirit. Briefings will be held in the coming weeks and the project is expected to start in September.


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