Small boats return to Javea port


JAVEA Council is negotiating with the Ministry of Infrastructure to permit the re-opening of the public port enabling small boats to launch into the sea.
The councillors for environment and services, Doris Courcelles and Kika Mata, recently met with the Chief of the service ports of the Generalitat, Julio Marín to see whether it would be possible to make this small facility available after the privatisation of the Fontana.
The representative of the autonomous government was receptive to the proposal and willing to facilitate the procedure on a daily fee of €80, with the municipality to assume responsibility for security and maintenance, provided owners’ vehicles and boats did not become a nuisance to traffic.
It is possible that the ramp will re-open in August although between August 10 and 20 there is a previous commitment to the Yacht Club for a sailing competition.


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