The excesses of the Greeks

SORRY STATE: No wonder the country has gone to rack and ruin.

I’d like to thank Euro Weekly News reader John for most of this week’s remarkable revelations. The next time you are feeling sorry for the Greeks, just partake of these apples.
Experts, mandated by the European Union to investigate the circumstances that led to Greece’s economic situation, have apparently come up with the following information:

1. Greece allegedly falsified accounts to enter the Eurozone and since then has repeatedly juggled the facts until the whole thing finally exploded into chaos.
2. There was massive retirement at age 50.
3. At one national hospital there were, on average, 50 gardeners for one lawn with four bushes.
4. At a cost of €550 million a year, 40,000 girls were receiving monthly life pensions of €1,000 simply because they were unmarried daughters of deceased civil servants.
5. Many workers were retired at the age of 55 if they were in one of 600 jobs considered harmful, e.g. hairdressing (dangerous dyes!), musicians of wind instruments (blowing is tiring!), TV presenters (microphones can be harmful and damaging to health, etc, etc).
6. More than 25 per cent of Greeks pay no personal income tax whatsoever.
7. Retirees receive 95 per cent of their earlier salary (Germans receive 40 per cent, no wonder they’ve got the hump!).
8. In an apparent show of goodwill the Greek Government has recently eliminated 10,000 postal positions, 8,200 of which were revealed to be dummy positions.
9. Greece has the highest population in the world of people reporting an age of 110 years. Deaths are often not registered and pensions continue to be received.
10. Pacemakers were being acquired at a price 400 times higher than in British hospitals.

And so on and so forth. If these facts are indeed proven, then Greece is a nation which  has survived on corruption for so long they probably consider it the norm. I suggest they get their collective noses out of the ouzo for a while and start playing by the rules. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. But then hopefully this bunch of chancers has finally realised that.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy   
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  1. They will still try to continue in the old way Leapy until there is a government strong enough to make the necessary changes.
    To add to your list is the fact that travel on the Athens underground, financed by the EU for the 2004 Olympic Games, is ‘free’ because they have only ‘honesty’ barriers and no-one buys a ticket.
    Also, rail company cleaners (among others) are earning €60,000 a year just for pushing a broom around.
    A Greek politician has been quoted as saying that the annual losses of the rail company, due to the extortionate wages paid to workers, mean it would be cheaper to put all its customers in a taxi.
    These are just some further examples of the mess this country is in.

  2. The fault here is with Brussels, Greece should never have been given this first hand out without the direction of the money being controlled, if you as Brussels where the money was spend they wouldn’t know! It disgusts me how Brussels chucks around peoples money as liberally as this, they can’t even balance their books if we believe everything we read by past EU economic employees.

    Now we have a situation where billions of Euros have been given to a country who have no mission in paying the money back, so what do Brussels do? It gives them more money!

    Another cut on this is that Merkal seen a situation where Germany could make a lot of money from this ‘and it is in interest which I understand is and has been paid by Greece’ and this is why they where helped out so liberally… Angel Merkal, but why is she the front person here, who elected her? Why was Juncter not the front person here? Oh yes of course, Brussels is not run as a democracy nor in a democratic manner 😉


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