Civil servants failed to report irregularities


TWO civil servants in Mallorca Council admitted while testifying in the Cloaca case that they realised a contract had been rigged but failed to report it.
They realised because two offers for the contract to sell chairs were from the same company, came in the same envelopes and had similar logos.
However, they failed to report it to the councillor at the time, Catalina Julve, who is charged in the case and claims she knew nothing about it.
The two civil servants said that they didn’t think it was their job to report their suspicions and pointed the finger at the secretary at the time, Coloma Castañer, who approved the contract.
The second contract was given to Simon Galmes, who was later hired to manage rubbish collection points with a salary of €9,000 per month. The Public Prosecution maintains he never did the job or handed in reports as no-one controlled what he did.


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