Teething problems with Alicante airport’s express parking facility

NEW SYSTEM: This area is now the express parking area.

AN express parking facility has opened at Alicante-Elche Airport. It is located on the departures level and offers 15 free minutes for people to drop off and collect passengers and has 80 spaces available.
The system has been put in place at a cost of over €100,000 and replaces the five-minute short stay facility which was often abused by drivers staying longer. Vehicles will have 15 minutes free but will be charged if they overstay this time with the cost more than if they had used the main airport car park.
Vehicle licence plates will also be recorded as they enter and will act as a way of clamping down on pirate and illegal taxi drivers.
However, during its first day of operation, one British couple reported on a serious hiccup in the system with them having to wait more than 10 minutes to try and get out of the area with the barriers not working properly. They said there was one young worker having to operate the barrier with a number of frustrated drivers waiting. They questioned where and how you paid if you overstayed the allocated time as they didn’t see a pay machine.


  1. sounds like Denia Hospital first 15mins free ha ha
    you have an appointment- you park by the time you have clocked in on the machine with the queue your 15mins is up – then we have waiting 2hrs to see the specialist and never till the last time, when we actually only paid 95cts; have we got away with less than 3euro

  2. I can confirm that it more expensive to use this parking area than using the car parks.
    Having stayed just five minutes over the allotted 15 minutes I was charged 2.90 euros. A right Rip Off


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