La Herradura aims for independence from Almuñecar

Flickr by Jesús Pérez Pacheco

A PROPOSAL put forward by left-wing party Izquierda Unida (IU) in La Herradura could establish this Almuñecar district as a town on its own.
“Many citizens believe that Almuñecar and La Herradura should be organised at separate entities, without causing damage to either,” claimed IU spokesperson Fermin Tejero.
The proposal has been based on the motion approved for El Turro (Granada), which recently achieved its status as an ELA (Autonomous local entity).
IU is hoping to draw support from the rest of political forces on the town council, to be able to turn La Herradura into an independent town in administrative terms.
If the motion put forward by IU is approved by the local government, a commission made up by a representative from each party will be created, and will be in charge of putting in motion a project to give La Herradura its own frontiers and competences.
However, even if the proposal is approved by the town council, the Junta de Andalucia Regional Government will be the institution in charge of ratifying or rejecting the motion.


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