Hey big spenders!

María Victoria Rodríguez

ANDALUCIA has grabbed third place in Spain for income from international tourists during the first six months of the year with spending reaching €4.4 billion in the region, behind Cataluña in first place and the Canary Islands in second.
The latest Egatur tourist spending survey carried out by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism revealed that Andalucia had beaten the Balearic Islands (where €3.7 billion was spent) down into fourth place and attracted 15.6 per cent of the total visitors spent in Spain.
Over the six months, spending by tourists from abroad hit new highs with a total of €28.3 billion registered, 7.4 per cent more than in the first half of 2014.
The biggest spending group was from the UK, at €5.7 billion, followed by Germany at €4.4 billion and France at €2.7 billion, while the greatest increase in spending was amongst visitors from the US which grew by 26.3 per cent and reached €1.6 billion.



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