Affordable pet cover with Edward William Insurance

PET INSURANCE: Can cover vets bills when your pet is injured.

THE main reason owners take out pet insurance is to cover their vets bills. The main reason they don’t take out pet insurance, is they think pet insurance is too expensive and decide to risk it. So let’s explore some facts.
At the Edward William Insurance office they all love their pets and all their pets have pet insurance which is a good start. The pet policies are classified as Standard, Pedigree and Champion and cover both cats and dogs. Policies start from 90 Euros per annum for cats and 132 Euros per annum for dogs. Payment is preferred when the pet policy is taken out, but terms of two, three and four monthly payments are possible, all very reasonable.
For vet consultations, x-rays, medicines and operations etc the cover goes up as high as 5,000 Euros on the Champion policy, 3,000 Euros on the Pedigree and 1,500 on the Standard policy. To put these prices in perspective, the Association of British Insurers says the average price of a visit to the vet in the UK is £650, in Spain it will probably be less, so you can calculate on average, around 600 Euros, plus extras.
In addition the public liability cover is up to 45,000 Euros, so even the most mischievous and devious pet is well insured. Emergency boarding fees at the kennels or cattery are also covered should you as an owner suddenly fall sick and cannot look after your pet properly. If your cat or little puppy is lost you might even claim back any advertising costs incurred trying to find them and in the event you don’t, it’s sad, but there is compensation for that too, as is death by accident.
Hard facts, but better than hard choices when your pet is ill or injured and needs costly treatment and is not insured. There is even a discount for multi-pet policies. So pick up the phone and call 952 476 090 and have a no obligation talk about insuring your pet, or see website:


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