Costa Blanca feels record-breaking heatwave


THE longest heat wave ever recorded since 2003 has also resulted in the hottest start to July.
The recent Saharan heat meant the average temperature in the first half of the month was 26.3 degrees, three degrees warmer than normal according to the Meteorological Agency. Last year the average was 22.2 degrees.
Alicante city’s average temperature was 27.8 degrees, the highest since 1870, the first year in which records began.
The bag of Saharan air peaked on July 4 with the maximum temperature recorded in Xativa with the thermometers hitting 46 degrees and in Aspe with 44 degrees; three-quarters of the province was sweltering in over 40 degree heat.
Humidity also spiked up to 90 per cent in some areas.
Temperatures have dropped slightly and along the coast forecasters say the humidity will also be lower this coming week.


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