Lenny Kravitz: He’s sexy and he knows it


ALTHOUGH the unspoken rules of rock seem to demand male stars pay little attention to their looks (or at least pretend not to) and remain impassible as thousands of fans declare their undying love, Lenny Kravitz likes to break the rules.
He’s sexy, he knows it and he makes the most of the fact. On Wednesday night (July 22), the New York star offered the inaugural concert at Marbella’s Starlite Festival and the already sweltering heat went through the roof as the 51-year-old hit the quarry stage.
Over an hour late, Kravitz arrived on stage before a packed audience and although the opening piece was Frankenstein, from his latest record Strut, the singer went on to pull out his most popular hits (American Woman, It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, Sister, I belong to you, Fly away) and drive the public wild.
A triumphant night for the American star, and a perfect beginning to the festival.



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