Drink water to lose weight

ESSENTIAL: Drinking water for weight-loss.

AS a Personal Trainer you would expect that I would be consuming water at every opportunity. WRONG!  I’ll freely admit that I can’t stand the stuff unless mixed with a teabag or coffee.
But, I am aware of how important water is, especially when I am training clients to lose excess weight. Exercise and diet go hand and hand if you hope to achieve successful weight control, but understanding exactly how your body works to lose excess body fat is crucial. The kidneys cannot function properly without water, when the kidneys do not function 100 per cent the liver reluctantly takes over. The primary function of the liver is to convert fat to energy, but if it is busy doing the kidneys’ work, how can it convert fat as efficiently as it should to energy? Therefore, your water consumption plays a huge role in both fitness and weight-loss goals and your ongoing future health.
•    Aim to drink  at least  three litres of water a day.
•    If you struggle to drink plain water, add a small amount of no added sugar cordial.
FitFoxy Tip: If you are in for a heavy partying weekend, think about consuming a glass of water after each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and that glass of water may just help you to avoid a very sore head in the morning.


  1. I’ve quit drinking everything by water, along with the ethosien diet and hitting the gym four times a week I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. in the last four months. I’m so pleased with myself it’s the first time I’ve ever had any success.
    I also try to rate this five stars but I messed up and pressed four sorry


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