Pedestrian safety measures announced for deadly San Pedro street

Flickr, Susana Fernandez

SAN PEDRO Council has announced new measures to step up pedestrian safety in the Boulevard area after one person was killed and another injured earlier in July.
Although the plans to reduce traffic had been drawn up before the accidents, in which one woman was killed by a four-wheel-drive and another injured within two days of each other early in July, organisation of the new council team had delayed them, a spokesperson said.
One of the main problems in the area was recently reported by locals to be the fact that a lack of parking spaces led to drivers double-parking and blocking one lane to traffic. To avoid this the road will be reduced to one lane in each direction and more parking spaces created.
Speed bumps will be put into place in the entire area, which are hoped to encourage drivers passing through to take the quiet, southern ring road, which could easily absorb more traffic, as proved while the new tunnel was being built, the council explained.


  1. Wouldn’t it also be a good idea to teach the Spanish how to cross the road properly? (Both adults and Children).
    We’ve had plenty of near misses with both adults and children walking into the road without looking because they believe that they have the ‘right of way’ no matter what.


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