Lower salaries for 23 Mallorca mayors

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TWENTY-THREE of the 53 mayors in Mallorca will be earning less than their predecessors.
Only six, in Andratx, Campanet, Santa Maria, Santa Eugenia, Arta and Santanyi, have increased their salaries.
Until last year, there were no rules to determine how much mayors should earn. Since the Rationalisation and Sustainability of the Local Administration Law came into effect, this has changed. The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, is now earning 10 per cent less, although he still has the highest salary.
The aim of the law was to improve budget control and the amount received will be based on the number of inhabitants. Towns with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants can no longer have mayors who are dedicated to the job 100 per cent of their time.
Some complain that lower salaries will lead to worse management as the positions will be held by less qualified people.


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