Dramatic runaway cement truck crash in Petrer


A 25-TONNE cement truck loaded with 13,000 kilos of cement careered downhill in a busy avenue in downtown Petrer on Friday July 17 at 12.30pm, crashing through a basement window of a local factory.
The 53-year-old driver, who works for a concrete company in Fontcalent, Alicante, had alighted from the cab to ask workers where the load should be deposited, allegedly failing to engage the handbrake.
The truck began to move slowly downhill so the driver gave chase for a full 50 metres, frantically trying to catch the moving vehicle and re-enter the cab.
As the truck gained momentum it mounted the pavement, wiping out an electricity pole and a metal fence before bouncing through a landscaped park area and colliding with three parked cars, one of which was completely smashed, before coming to a stop at the factory basement window, spilling oil all over the road.
Opposite the factory, customers of a busy bar watched the event – incredibly, no one was injured. However, the driver was visibly shocked.


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