Valencia President wants unsold film studios for future

CUT! Film studios remain unsold

THE Ciudad de la Luz film studios in Alicante remain unsold. They are currently in the process of being sold, a decision made by the European Courts who ordered the sale of the complex.
It was announced in May that the studio studios would be sold off in a series of lots if there was no bid for the entire complex, with individual lots starting at €5.7million.
The deadline for bidding is now closed and President of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig said as no firm offer has been made, he has called for a meeting with the European Commissioner to work on securing its future. He said: “I have requested a meeting to ensure this is not the disastrous end of the Ciudad de la Luz. It is an important enhancement of the province.”
He admitted that whilst it was a “very good idea” it had not been well developed or managed: “We cannot resign ourselves to lose it, we must recover the situation for the project and give it the future it deserves.”
The Consell is not in the best financial position and Puig accepted there would have to be some private investment, but he added it was a major “pull” to the Community, much like the OAMI patent and brands office which he said “is one of the main assets of Valencia having an impact of €200m annually and creating 1,728 jobs and he wants it to “revive” the Region.


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