German man killed in La Cala de Mijas

Sylvia Wrigley on Flickr

A GERMAN man died last night (Wednesday July 15) after allegedly being attacked by two English men in the Alcantara residential complex (La Cala de Mijas).
The events took place at around 12.40 am when the 112 emergency services were alerted to the death of a 50-year-old man at a bar. Witnesses reported that the man became involved in a fight with the two suspects who then attacked him and fled the scene.
Evidence suggests that he had not met the two other men before, according to police.
Witnesses also told police they had fled the scene in a grey car with an English license plate. Authorities are searching for the two main suspects and an investigation has been opened to determine the reasons behind the man’s death.


  1. THE ENGLISH – World Assassins – Anyone – Any Time – Anywhere!
    Pretty soon this will be the slogan of our country if we don’t start getting a grip of our youth and start teaching them the essentials like respect and honesty.
    We also need to start punishing criminals properly instead of putting them up in 5-star hotels for a few months.
    The reputation of this once proud nation cannot get much lower in some circles.


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