Albox to become religious epicentre

Flickr by Jose Alonso Aguila Molina

ALBOX is to become one of the central points during the 2016’s Jubilee.
During the Mass service at the Santa Maria Church, the Bishop announced the great news: on occasion of the third centenary of the Saliente Sanctuary in Albox, the ecclesiastic authorities have authorised the universal jubilee ordered by Pope Francis.
This means that the Saliente Sanctuary will be one of the sacred sites where different activities will take place in 2016. The different events to take place have not yet been released, although the news has caused great joy amongst the parishioners.
Pope Francis announced back in March 2013 at the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican that 2016 would see the celebration of an extraordinary holy year.
The Compassion Jubilee will be inaugurated this year at the Basilica on December 8 and will finish by November 20, 2016.
“We are living a time for compassion,” said the Pope during the Jubilee announcement: “There is so much need today for compassion and it is important that all believers take it with them to all social situations.”


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