Canaries and Balearics aim to limit tourist numbers


DESPITE the Canary Islands’ huge popularity with tourists – they bring in roughly 30 per cent of the islands’ GDP – Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo has told El Pais newspaper that they may have to set limits on the number of visitors.
Fears that the very features that attract the tourists are in danger of being spoiled by them have made Clavijo consider limiting the number of visitors. Currently, around 13 million visitors (according to 2014 figures) travel to the Canaries, and the islands have a population of just 2.1 million. The Canaries president explains: “We have to set a limit that is respectful of our environment and that does not deteriorate and end up killing our added value, which is nature, our space and the quality that we offer.”
Now, it seems, the Balearic Islands, may consider doing the same by also putting a cap on tourist numbers and are also considering re-introducing an eco-tax on tourists which was originally tried out in 2001-2003.


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