Deadly heat-wave to last until Thursday

Flickr by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

THE second heat wave Spain is currently suffering will last until Thursday (July 16) and has already been credited as the second longest since 1975.
The 12 consecutive days with extremely high temperatures forecast by the national meteorology service Aemet have only been beaten previously by a heat wave that swept Europe away in the summer of 2003, an episode that lasted 16 days.
“On Tuesday (July 14), a progressive increase in temperature is to be expected,” reads tomorrow’s forecast: “Especially in the northern areas of Spain and less intense in the South and middle area, with temperatures which are expected to reach 40 degrees.”
Since 1975, Spain has gone through 45 heat-waves. During the longest one (2003), 3,166 people died, all of them aged above 65 years, while in Europe, the number of deaths due to extreme temperatures reached 70,000.
By Thursday, temperatures are expected to decrease progressively from west to east, by at least 8 degrees. However, temperatures are expected to rise again on Sunday.


  1. According to today’s forecast for Andalucia on the internet, the heat wave will continue for the next ten days at least with temperatures getting up to 34 degrees in Marbella next week.


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