Alicante donor service makes urgent call for blood


THE Alicante blood transfusion centre has put out an urgent appeal for donors as it is reaching the height of its capacity, running at 77 per cent and with reserves dwindling.
Blood type 0- has just two days’ worth of supplies, when normally there is a week’s supply left in reserve. Group 0+ has five days’ worth of reserves.
The transfusion centre is calling for more donations during the summer months with demand for plasma from hospitals having increased by 10 per cent compared to June last year.


  1. I was a regular blood donor in UK but since being resident in southern Spain, for 13 years, I find I can’t donate blood here because I lived in the UK during the time of CJD (Mad Cow Disease). Surely, if blood supplies are running low it would be in the interest of the donation service to devise a test to show we have not been infected. A note could be added to our medical records and we could continue to donate blood.


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