Evacuation of Tunisia starts

shutterstock.com / Robert Sarosiek

UP to 3,000 Britons are today (Friday, July 10) starting to make their way home after being told to evacuate Tunisia.
The UK’s Foreign Office has urged all British citizens to leave the North African country, declaring that there is a threat of a second Islamist terror attack targeting tourists. Thirty Britons were amongst the 38 who died in a beach massacre at the resort of Sousse two weeks ago.
Holiday firms have already started laying on extra jets in a bid to get their clients home as soon as possible. It has also emerged that the Ministry of Defence will send RAF transport to help with the evacuation if requested to do so by the Foreign Office.
Thomas Cook has already had one emergency flight filled with 326 holidaymakers leave Tunisia, and has set up a helpline for customers who need advice. The number is 01733 224 536.
The news of the evacuation has not been welcomed in Tunisia which relies largely on the tourism industry. The Tunisian Ambassador to the UK, Nabil Ammar, said on BBC Two’s Newsnight: “This is what the terrorists want.
“By damaging the tourism, by having foreigners leaving the country, they damage the whole sector and put so many people out of work and on the streets.
“One of the sources of terrorism is lack of hope.”


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