Torremolinos launches hi-tech water waste surveillance

Clara Sánchez on Flickr

TORREMOLINOS has launched a project to get to the bottom of occasional waste spillage off its coasts in an aim to make the town’s beaches even better for locals and visitors.
Although marked as excellent by the Ministry of Health in its 2014 Bathing Water Quality Study, every now and then waste has been spotted off the coasts, which the new council has decided could make a bad impression and must be halted.
Over the next 10 months the municipal waste company, Astosam, in collaboration with Cetaqua Andalucia water research centre and the University of Malaga, will be using the latest technologies to analyse real-time images of the sea and follow the path of any waste spillages to detect where they came from.
Astosam has been monitoring its network outlets for years to guarantee its infrastructure does not release contaminants into the sea.
With this new project, the council reported, Torremolinos aims to continue to innovate and apply the latest technology to its services and environmental protection plans.


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